GM Equipment Credit Application, Rental Agreement and Insurance Requirements

GM Equipment Rentals makes it easy to rent construction equipment. Get quick credit approval by clicking on our credit application and rental agreement below, print, review and complete the forms and securely fax them to our rental agreement coordinator at Fax: 1-814-834-1279. Our coordinator will be in contact with you shortly after to review your information to get you started as a new GM Equipment Rentals Customer.

GM Equipment Rentals Credit Application

GM Equipment Rentals Rental Contract

Insurance Requirements

In order to rent our material handling equipment or aerial work platforms we will need a copy of your company’s liability insurance with us listed as the additional insured. If you have machine rental coverage please list that on the policy as well and list us as the loss payee. If you do not have machine rental coverage we charge 18% of the rental rate for insurance on the machine. This coverage would come along with a $750 deductible and does not cover operator neglect, error, or abuse.

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